Relocating for employment or changing employers can lead to tremendous stress and difficulties. However, health professionals can overcome such challenges by taking these tips into consideration when moving or changing employers.

1. Discuss Relocation With Family and Friends.

Before taking a new position or relocating, talk to your family members and friends. Discuss how the change may impact relationships, and if you have children, think about how changes in educational facilities may impact them. EuroNoxx Medical Agency (EMA) provides pastoral support, so feel free to contact us.

2. Get Your Credentials in Order.

Find out which professional bodies you need to register with in the new country or region and get started with the process, EuroNoxx Medical Agency can help you.

3. Know Before You Go

Before accepting a new position as a healthcare professional, review the benefits offered by the facility. This includes any health benefits; paid leave; available services to employees; and discounted rates for services in the area, such as gym memberships or local companies, retirement benefits and more.

4. Work-Life Balance

How will you commute? How long will it take? Will you have a set facility assignment, and how will you spend your time off?

These questions reflect concerns about where you will live and work with your new job. Even the best-paying positions may feel like nightmares, causing additional stress, if you have multi-hour commutes.

Ask your new work family to assist you with recreational activities; this will help you manage stress during your transition.

5. Set Goals and Realistic Expectations.

Do not expect to be everyone’s friend on the first day, but be friendly. Take time to learn what your new employer expects, and be willing to tackle the challenges of relocating. Take time to research the local culture of your new location. Enjoy your new job!